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S&P 500 Nearly Breaks the Internet with Historic 5,000 Peak!

Market Update - Daniel Ang The Accidental Trader Traders Academy International 7

Market Overview

The S&P 500 exhibited a remarkable performance, momentarily breaching the 5,000 level, demonstrating investor optimism and strong corporate earnings. A significant majority of the companies in the S&P 500 have exceeded earnings expectations. However, the index’s valuation is notably influenced by the disproportionately high weighting of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ mega-cap stocks, which command an average price-to-earnings ratio of 34.

Economic Indicators

Unemployment claims in the U.S. decreased more than anticipated, indicating robust labor market conditions. This reduction in unemployment claims, coupled with comments from Richmond Fed President Thomas Barkin regarding the challenges of seasonal adjustments, suggests ongoing economic resilience.

Market Performance

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA): Increased by 0.13% to 38,726.33.
  • S&P 500: Gained 0.06% to close just shy of 5,000 at 4,997.91.
  • Nasdaq Composite: Rose by 0.24% to 15,793.72.

Currency Markets

The U.S. Dollar strengthened, driven by the durable labor market, reinforcing the Fed’s stance on maintaining current interest rate levels. The Dollar Index rose by 0.14% to 104.16. The Japanese Yen weakened against the Dollar, with USD/JPY rising by approximately 0.82% to 149.380, following remarks from BoJ Deputy Governor Shinichi Uchida on interest rate policy.


  • Crude Oil: Prices surged by over 3%, with Brent and WTI closing significantly higher at $81.36 and $76.22 a barrel, respectively. The uptick was partly due to geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and inventory dynamics in the U.S.
  • Gold: Spot gold saw a slight decline to $2,032.99/oz, affected by the stronger Dollar and higher bond yields, which dampened the appeal for the precious metal.


Bitcoin (BTC/USD) exceeded the $45,000 mark, reaching levels not seen since the introduction of spot ETFs. This breakthrough suggests a potential for profit-taking, with some analysts forecasting a retest of the $42,000/$40,000 support levels, while others anticipate a climb towards $50,000.


The day’s market activities underscore the continued confidence among investors, bolstered by strong corporate performances and a resilient U.S. economy. The labor market’s strength is a key factor influencing Federal Reserve policy decisions, likely impacting future interest rate movements. The commodities market, especially crude oil, remains sensitive to geopolitical tensions and supply dynamics. In the cryptocurrency sphere, Bitcoin’s recent performance highlights the volatile and speculative nature of digital assets, with potential shifts in investor sentiment poised to influence its value significantly.

This comprehensive market update reflects the current financial landscape, characterized by robust economic indicators, corporate earnings strength, and geopolitical tensions influencing commodities prices. Investors are advised to stay informed on these developments as they navigate the financial markets.

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