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A Journey from Accidental Entry to Trading Stalwart

Trailblazing From Commodities to Digital Assets

Daniel Ang began as a commodity futures trader in 1985 and eventually diversified into financial futures, gold, and foreign exchange, working with industry giants such as Standard Chartered Futures, Man Financial, and FIMAT. After tasting early success during the stock market collapse in 1987, he founded Traders Academy International (Singapore) Pte Ltd in 2012 and became an in-demand speaker, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. In the evolving landscape of finance, Ang has also entered the burgeoning digital assets space.

Ang’s trading career took an unexpected turn when he was chosen to lead a new operation in Auckland, New Zealand in the late 1980s. This role proved pivotal in shaping his career path, as the New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange was the first to fully adopt electronic trading. Despite challenges, including low liquidity in the NZ market, Ang transitioned successfully into trading the Hang Seng Index futures.

Daniel Ang has carved a versatile career since starting as a commodity trader in 1985. Gaining his initial wealth from the '87 crash, Ang diversified into multiple asset classes and established his own academy in 2012. He’s also an appointed external trainer for CME Group. The pandemic led him to publish a book and focus on digital outreach. Now, Ang is exploring the digital asset space with two DeFi startups in Singapore.

Striking Gold on Black Monday

The global market crash known as Black Monday in 1987 served as a crucible for Ang. Having shorted several Hang Seng Index futures prior to the crash, Ang reaped significant profits, motivating him to continue trading as a lifelong career.

Upon returning to Singapore, Ang secured licenses from the Singapore Monetary Authority and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). His initial role was as a gold dealer with a member of the precursor to SIMEX, the Singapore Gold Exchange.

The Millennium Transition: From Traditional Finance to Emerging Tech

In 2000, Ang faced significant shifts, joining Keppel Bank, which later merged with OCBC Bank. Despite the industry’s rapid changes, particularly in 3G technology, Ang decided to become a full-time trader in 2006. Offers for teaching and speaking engagements took him across Asia, eventually leading to the establishment of Traders Academy International Pte Ltd in 2012.

In 2018, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group appointed Ang as an external speaker and trainer for the Asia-Pacific. While 2020 posed challenges due to the pandemic, it also led to the publication of his first book, “The Accidental Trader.”

Adapting to the New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has not deterred Ang. With travel restrictions in place, he leverages emerging technology to share his insights on global markets, proving that physical distance is no longer a barrier in this industry.

A Forward Outlook

From an accidental beginning to becoming a multi-asset trading veteran, Daniel Ang‘s journey is marked by resilience and adaptability. He’s transitioned through commodities, equities, and now into the emerging digital assets space, ever-evolving in a changing market landscape. As we move into an increasingly digital world, Ang’s story serves as an inspiration for traders to be flexible and responsive to market trends and technological shifts.