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USD/JPY Anticipates Rally Above 143.50; Market Focus on Upcoming US Inflation Data


  • USD/JPY stages preparation for an upward surge amid mounting expectations for US CPI data.
  • The US Dollar Index (DXY) achieves a three-day peak at 102.70, with anticipation of further gains.
  • S&P500 poised for a bearish opening due to unfavorable overnight futures.
  • Philadelphia Fed Bank President Patrick Harker asserts the need for patience in interest rate adjustments.

USD/JPY Rallies as Inflation Expectations Rise

The USD/JPY pair has been consolidating around the 143.00 level, setting the stage for an upward momentum in the New York trading session. The anticipation of Thursday’s US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data release, scheduled for 12:30 GMT, has bolstered the US Dollar, with projections of continued strengthening.

The S&P500 index faces a potential bearish opening, influenced by negative cues from overnight futures trading. This, coupled with a fresh three-day high for the US Dollar Index (DXY) at 102.70, underscores an increasingly cautious market sentiment. Investors are keenly awaiting the upcoming US inflation data, with hopes of discerning the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) next move.

Oil Prices and Interest Rate Speculation

The resurgence of global oil prices in July has fueled optimism for a recovery in US headline inflation. Investors speculate that this could compel the Fed to persist with its assertive rate-tightening policy, possibly leading to an additional interest rate increase that would elevate rates to the 5.50-5.75% range.

However, Philadelphia Fed Bank President Patrick Harker offered a more tempered perspective on interest rates, stating that the central bank has reached a stage where patience is warranted, allowing previous monetary policy decisions to take effect.

Japanese Yen and BoJ’s Yield Curve Control

On the Japanese front, the Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) Summary of Opinions for July’s monetary policy revealed an optimistic outlook on achieving a 2% inflation rate. Moreover, the BoJ’s recent flexibility with its Yield Curve Control (YCC) program signals a likely reduction in bond-buying operations.

Technical Outlook for USD/JPY:

As the market gears up for crucial inflation data, the USD/JPY pair’s performance will be closely monitored. Continued strength in the US Dollar, coupled with the BoJ’s monetary policy stance, could further shape the pair’s trajectory in the coming days.

Traders and investors should remain vigilant to the upcoming economic indicators and central bank commentary, as these elements are poised to play a pivotal role in dictating short-term market trends.

Questions to Consider:

  • What are the potential implications of the US CPI data on other major currency pairs?
  • How might the global financial markets react if the Fed decides to hold or change interest rates in the coming months?



CURRENT TREND: Bullish trend given the expectations for US inflation data, and USD’s strength combined with BoJ’s monetary policy adjustments.


👉ENTRY PRICE: Approximately 143.00 – Ideal entry point considering current consolidation around this level.

✅TAKE PROFIT: Approximately 144.50 – Potential target, considering recent bullish momentum, possible positive CPI data, and technical resistance levels.

❌STOP LOSS: Approximately 142.30 – A strategic point below significant support levels, providing room for normal market fluctuations while minimizing potential loss.


A proper risk-to-reward ratio of around 1:3 should be maintained. Position size should align with individual risk tolerance, not exceeding 1-2% of the trading capital.


Fundamental: The USD/JPY pair’s bullish outlook is supported by anticipation of positive US CPI data, combined with rising global oil prices and a potential rate hike from the Fed. On the other side, BoJ’s dovish stance and flexibility in YCC add further support to a buy signal.

Technical: The recent consolidation around the 143.00 level forms a potential entry point, with the 144.50 level acting as a logical take profit, aligning with recent highs and technical resistance. The chosen stop loss at 142.30 is strategically placed below significant support levels.


  1. Monitor US CPI Data: Keep a close eye on the inflation data, as it can significantly impact USD’s strength.
  2. Observe Oil Prices & Fed’s Actions: Continuously track these variables as they could affect USD’s performance.
  3. Regularly Review the Trade: Ensure alignment with the prevailing market trends and adjust as needed.


This trade idea leverages the potential bullish trend in USD/JPY, driven by fundamental and technical factors. Risk management practices must be adhered to ensure capital preservation. Continuous monitoring of relevant economic indicators is essential for this trade’s success.