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USD/CAD Surges Amid a Robust US Dollar and Softening Oil Prices

  • USD/CAD rallies to approach 1.3475, bolstered by a resilient US Dollar.
  • Diminishing oil prices and expectations of an additional Fed rate hike weigh on the Canadian Dollar.
  • Both US headline and core CPI are projected to sustain a 0.2% growth rate in July.

The USD/CAD currency pair soared to near 1.3475 during the European trading session, spurred by the US Dollar’s unwavering strength and a decline in oil prices. A sharp upswing in the pair underscored the Greenback’s resilience as markets await the release of the United States Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for July.

Market Sentiment and US Equities: The S&P 500 futures reported substantial losses in London, mirroring a bearish market sentiment. With the corporate earnings season reaching its climax, US stocks are anticipated to commence on a downbeat note. Meanwhile, the US Dollar Index touched a fresh three-day peak at 102.70, with investors bracing for a persistent US inflation report for the upcoming month.

Inflation Dynamics: According to current estimates, both headline and core CPI maintained a pace of 0.2%. The annual headline CPI bounced back to 3.3%, up from June’s reading of 3.0%. Conversely, core inflation, which excludes the erratic food and oil segments, slightly decreased to 4.7% compared to the prior 4.8%. An upturn in US headline inflation is foreseen due to elevated oil prices observed in June.

Canadian Economy and Monetary Policy: The Canadian Dollar faced headwinds as the national labor market displayed fragility in July. With companies adopting a guarded stance amid a lackluster economic outlook, the hiring pace decelerated sharply, and the Unemployment Rate inched up to 5.5%. These factors likely anchor the Bank of Canada (BoC) to a stationary interest rate decision.

Oil Market Dynamics: Oil prices plummeted sharply to a near $80.00 mark, spurred by investor anticipation that the Federal Reserve (Fed) might persist with its policy tightening amid a constricted labor market and the prospect of sustained inflationary strains. The fact that Canada stands as the primary oil exporter to the United States underscores how lower oil prices can exert pressure on the Canadian Dollar.

Final Thoughts: The confluence of resilient inflation figures in the US and a softening labor market in Canada, coupled with fluctuating oil prices, has created a complex tapestry that drives the USD/CAD pair. Investors and traders may wish to closely monitor these elements, especially in light of potential monetary policy adjustments by central banks, to navigate the evolving landscape of the forex market.



CURRENT TREND: Upward due to USD resilience and weakened Canadian Dollar (CAD) from declining oil prices


👉ENTRY PRICE: 1.3475

✅TAKE PROFIT: 1.3575 (Potential 100 pips gain targeting the next psychological resistance level)

❌STOP LOSS: 1.3425 (A 50 pips risk if the USD loses strength or Canadian economic outlook improves)


  • Use only 1-2% of trading capital for this trade.
  • Monitor oil price trends as a significant recovery might strengthen CAD.


  • USD Strength: USD’s strength is apparent due to expected stubbornness in US inflation, which may hint at a Federal Reserve interest rate hike.
  • CAD Weakness: The softening oil market and weak labor data in Canada exert downward pressure on CAD.
  • Market Sentiment: Bearish sentiments in the US equities and S&P 500 futures may continue to feed into USD’s resilience.
  • Technical Indicators: The currency pair is at a critical level, and the upward trend seems to have room to continue, given the current economic indicators.


  1. Enter the Buy Trade at the approximate price of 1.3475.
  2. Set Take Profit at 1.3575 to capitalize on the USD’s upward momentum.
  3. Establish a Stop Loss at 1.3425 to mitigate risks.
  4. Monitor Closely: Keep an eye on relevant economic data, especially oil prices and central bank decisions, over the next week.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This trade idea is based on current economic indicators and market sentiment, favoring a short-term upward trend in the USD/CAD pair. As with all trading activities, continued vigilance and adherence to risk management strategies are essential.