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Forex at Eye Level: A quick guide to currency trading by EasyForex

This book has been developed to help the Forex beginner, though experienced and professional traders may find it a handy reference. Beginners and novice traders are likely to benefit from reading the entire text, starting with Chapter 1, which provides a basic overview of what currency trading is, and how to get started. The chapters […]

CHART PATTERN TRADING Technical Analysis by

So how do we confirm a pattern? There are several methods and it is down to personal preference as  to how you decide to confirm your patterns. However please be warned that the word ‘confirmation’  can be a little misleading as just because we confirm a pattern it does not guarantee that the pattern  will […]

Commitments of Traders – An Ultimate Guide by Roman Sadowski

The CFTC makes available more than three years of history of dis-aggregated data included in the weekly Commitments of Traders (COT) reports. You can access the Historical Viewable table and in the excel format by going into left hand side panel on the website as per screenshot below. This could be handy if you want […]

Forex Trading For Beginners by finance illustrated

Many moons ago when the iPhone was just a glint in Steve Jobs’ eye, we started trading currencies. As our journey progressed, it was immediately obvious that finding any useful trading advice for a beginner was almost impossible. The lack of general information was bad, but things got even worse when we needed to find […]

Panic Over – 3 Rescues for When Your System Stops Working

Top traders know that no successful trading system lasts forever. So what should you do when things start to move against you? We’ll take you through some simple steps to reset your trading system, help you plan for system failure and understand some of the psychology behind your decisions. The secrets to success are not […]

7 Lessons for Understanding Forex Market Types

Start your journey by discovering the evolution and traits of different types of markets, understand some common problems, solutions and limitations, and learn how to work out strategies based on certain market types. 👉 Understand market types👉 Working out a strategy👉 Hunt for the Holy Grail The secrets to success are not really secrets at […]