Php 6B budget needed to support MSME on 2017

This is a repost from the original article written by Roy Stephen C. Canivel, a Reporter  from I believe this news is important for MSMEs including myself that is I intended to repost this info to spread the news to my readers.  THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is targeting a budget of P6 billion for […]

Doing (Small) Business In The Philippines ( Incentives / Disincentives )

An important consideration when deciding to go into business is the external environment in which it will operate. Is the environment a positive one for business in general and for your own enterprise in particular? As an entrepreneur, you can control your internal environment. You can put in place productivity and quality systems, train your […]

Rewards and Risks of Being an Entrepreneur

Assuming you have what it takes to be in business, the next step is to determine whether or not you are willing to accept the rewards and risks of being an entrepreneur. You should first weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. Being in business can be on the one hand most rewarding and fulfilling, and […]

Personal Characteristics of Entrepreneurs (Part 3)

Systematic planning and monitoring A successful entrepreneur does not only plan but also follows through the plan systematically, checking if the activities and expected outputs are going on as planned. Planning enables him to avoid costly mistakes and anticipate possible problems. It enables him to determine what he needs for the business in terms of […]

Personal Characteristics of Entrepreneurs (Part 2)

Commitment to work contract Do you honor your word? Your promises? Did you complete and submit your work on time – when you were in school? In the workplace, do you think twice doing dirty or boring work, or someone else’s work, if necessary, just to get the job done on time – all because […]

Personal Characteristics of Entrepreneurs (Part 1)

Personal Characteristics of Entrepreneurs The entrepreneur has attracted the attention of social scientists. If so – that they are important to economic growth – then it follows that the tribe of entrepreneurial members of society should multiply. But first, they should be identified. Are you one of them? Entrepreneurs are those described as: v  Opportunity […]