Ex-MEP Godfrey Bloom Exposes Banking System as a Scam in European Parliament

The banking system, according to Godfrey Bloom, is a scam that has been operating for centuries. It involves financial institutions, such as banks, manipulating the money supply and engaging in risky practices that can lead to economic crises and financial collapse. One way that banks have historically been able to carry out this scam is […]

XAU/USD retreats towards $2,020 as Ukraine-Russia stand-off ease

Ukraine and Venezuela’s efforts to tame the respective geopolitical tensions with Russia and the US have recently improved market sentiment. As a result, the metal’s safe-haven demand gets a dent, which in turn triggered the latest pullback in XAU/USD prices. Gold buyers take a breather around $2,042, down 0.40% intraday during Wednesday’s Asian session. In […]

Afghanistan Crisis Could Set Back Biden Legislative Push

The gap between Wall Street and the rest of the globe has rarely been so wide. Despite the United States’ foreign policy failure in Afghanistan and falling consumer confidence at home, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 hit new intraday highs on Monday, while the Nasdaq Composite is hovering just below its all-time […]