FOMC Meetings and the Impact on Forex Markets

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is an important body within the Federal Reserve System that sets monetary policy in the United States. As a Forex trader, it’s important to pay attention to the FOMC and its decisions, as they can have a significant impact on the market. The FOMC meets regularly to discuss and […]

GBP/USD Rally May Have Peaked, Eurozone’s Outlook & USD Weakness

Sterling’s surge to pre-Covid-19 highs against the U.S. dollar Wednesday, when GBP/USD hit 1.3268 according to FactSet, may not happen again, says ABN Amro. The Dutch bank expects GBP/USD to fall as investors switch to a greater focus on Brexit uncertainty and weaker U.K. data, combined with a less negative sentiment towards the dollar, says […]

AUD Rising while most Asian Currencies Weaken After FOMC Minutes

AUD/USD is likely to continue rallying from near 0.7200 currently to 0.7800 over the next year, CBA says. The pair is already around its highest levels since early 2019. The risk over the medium term is higher commodity prices as China ramps up commodity-heavy infrastructure spending, with iron-ore prices likely to remain above US$100/ton for the […]

The Mobile App Robinhood Is Shaking Up the Stocks Trading Industry

As millions of new traders sign up for the investment app Robinhood, the company is facing scrutiny for enabling some inexperienced users to make risky bets. WSJ spoke with a financial education professional and two Robinhood traders about how the app is shaking up the brokerage industry. Robinhood’s claim to fame is that they do […]

FOMC Ahead: 3 Things to Watch at This Week’s Fed Meeting

Seven weeks ago, America’s monetary-policy makers were optimistic about the economy’s potential to make a complete and rapid recovery. They probably aren’t as sanguine now. The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee is meeting for the first time since the resurgence of the coronavirus across large swaths of the U.S. that began in mid-June. Since then, […]

AUD/USD Rally as FOMC likely dovish, Cheap money coming for US Economy

The US dollar weakens on expectations the Fed will keep the cheap money coming to support the US economy. The WSJ Dollar Index falls 0.6% to levels not seen since mid 2019, and US currency weakens 0.8% against the euro and 0.5% against the yen. “The combination of falling real rates and rising risk assets […]