The Dangers of Money Supply Contractions: Lessons from History and the Current Warning Signs

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The history of money supply contractions has shown that the impact on the economy can be significant. Although monetary policy is an essential tool for controlling inflation, it is crucial to use it carefully to prevent unintended consequences. As we move forward, policymakers must continue to learn from the past to prevent future economic downturns caused by money supply contractions.

Why Tech Layoffs Don’t Reflect the Job Market

The tech sector has made headlines in recent months for announcing significant layoffs, including cuts from major companies like Amazon, Twitter, DoorDash, Carvana, and Netflix. At first glance, these layoffs seem at odds with the strong job market and low unemployment rate in the US. However, upon closer examination, there are a few factors that […]

IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast as ‘the Worst Is Yet to Come’

The IMF has revised its estimates of global GDP growth from 3.2% this year to 2.7% in 2023, a 0.2% point reduction from the prediction made in July. According to the IMF, “2023 will feel like a recession” to many people since more than a third of the global economy is predicted to contract this […]

Ex-MEP Godfrey Bloom Exposes Banking System as a Scam in European Parliament

The banking system, according to Godfrey Bloom, is a scam that has been operating for centuries. It involves financial institutions, such as banks, manipulating the money supply and engaging in risky practices that can lead to economic crises and financial collapse. One way that banks have historically been able to carry out this scam is […]

U.S. Economy Grows as Fourth-Quarter GDP Shows Strongest Year in Decades

As the country recovered fast from the pandemic-induced recession, the US economy expanded at a 6.9% annual pace in the fourth quarter of last year, concluding the best year of growth in nearly four decades. However, experts think that recent expansion has hit stumbling blocks, which might result in more moderate growth this year. The […]

U.S. Economy Expected to Reach Pre-Pandemic Peak by Mid-2021

 WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy is expected to expand more rapidly in 2021 than officials projected in July, but it will take several years for output to reach its full potential and for the number of employed workers to return to its pre-pandemic peak, according to new economic projections released Monday. The Congressional Budget Office […]