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How to become a Millionaire during Economic Collapse

By: RichDadph | April 8, 2020

Are you suffering now with your first encounter of Financial Crisis? For the past few weeks of Covid-19 pandemic we...

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Under Fire Keep it Simple

By: RichDadph | April 6, 2020

When the volatility picks up and the world becomes a confusing place trusting your analysis is all we have, Lets...

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U$D15B Cryptocurrency Scam (Bitcoin in a Multi-Level Marketing world)

By: Jenie Fe Caballes | April 3, 2020

Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency. A decentralized digital currency without a central bank. But making business with Bitcoin in a...

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Weekend Positions possibility of significant new events on COVID-19

By: AxiTrader | March 27, 2020

Dear Client, Given the possibility of significant new events on COVID-19 over this weekend and future weekends there is an...

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European exchanges imposed restrictions on short selling of equities due to the extreme volatility

By: AxiTrader | March 26, 2020

Dear Client, Due to the extreme volatility in the equity markets, some European exchanges have imposed restrictions on short selling...

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AxiTrader important notification on GOLD Volatility (XAU/USD)

By: AxiTrader | March 25, 2020

Dear Clients, Pricing conditions on XAU have improved today so with immediate effect we will return XAUUSD to full trading....

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How other pandemics in recent decades affected Gold?

By: RichDadph | March 23, 2020

In the first part, we analyzed the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as the most deadly pandemic since the 1971, and the SARS...

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US Market Indices Limit Down Price Thresholds (AxiTrader Important Notification)

By: AxiTrader | March 23, 2020

Dear Client, We are writing to let you know that a number of US Share Indices (Cash and Futures) have...

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The Money Deluge (How the rich get richer) a DW Documentary

By: RichDadph | December 4, 2019

I've been Trading Forex since 2016 even if the Forex Trading Industry is not yet popular compared nowadays. And it...

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$23 Trillion Dollar U.S. Government Debt

By: RichDadph | November 23, 2019

It is official now, the United States national debt has hit the 23 trillion dollar milestone, that's twenty-three with twelve...

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