The Innovator’s Dilemma: How Google’s Fear of Cannibalization Led to a $150 Billion Loss

Google Lost $150 Billion After Its AI Presentation

Google, one of the world’s leading technology giants, has experienced a loss of $150 billion in just two days following its AI presentation mess-up. This sudden drop in market value is more than the entire market capitalization of several significant companies like HSBC, Raytheon Technologies, PetroChina International, American Express, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, BlackRock, and […]

Exploring the Potential of AI in Education: 10 Innovations

In today’s fast-paced world, the field of education is constantly evolving to meet the needs of students and teachers. One area that has seen significant growth in recent years is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. From real-time support for struggling students to automated grading and interactive online courses, the potential uses of […]