US Market Indices Limit Down Price Thresholds (AxiTrader...

US Market Indices Limit Down Price Thresholds (AxiTrader Important Notification)

AxiTraderMarch 23, 2020

/ Article / US Market Indices Limit Down Price Thresholds (AxiTrader Important Notification)

Dear Client,

We are writing to let you know that a number of US Share Indices (Cash and Futures) have trading restrictions due to limit down rules where the US Indices markets hit the Limit Down price thresholds.

The Limit Down price is the maximum allowable decline in the price of a stock or commodity in a single trading day. The limits were introduced to forestall unusual market volatility and counteract the panic selling that tends to compound an initial price decline.

When the market goes below the Limit Down threshold we will stop pricing and you will not be able to execute trades at the BID Price via your terminal. If the market returns above the threshold then normal pricing and execution access will resume.

The following indices have had their Limit Down thresholds hit today:

Please note these levels are an indication of Futures pricing levels and the Cash CFD pricing will typically stop once that futures level is reached. As such, you may experience instances where you are unable to trade these indices on our platform in the event the Limit Down thresholds have been hit.

As a result of US Indices being in down limit so early in the trading day, this may result in European Cash Indices not pricing until the underlying European Futures market opens.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Kind regards,

AxiTrader Client Services


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