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Investors Take Note: Here Are Two Things That Can Ruin The Bull Market | Forbes

Money is a commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange. It is the medium in which prices and values are expressed. It circulates from person to person and country to country, facilitating trade, and it is the principal measure of wealth.

Investors worldwide are on the edge of their seats as we step into the promising year of 2024. Renowned financial expert, Steve Forbes, shares insights that paint a picture of optimism for the stock market. Let’s dissect the key points from his recent discourse and uncover both the rays of hope and the lurking shadows.

Bullish Market Outlook

Steve Forbes kicks off with a bold assertion – brace yourself for impressive stock market gains in 2024. This optimism is anchored in a positive trajectory that the market has been riding since October 2022, setting the stage for what could be a stellar year.

Reasons for Optimism

  1. Economic Growth: The foundation of this positive outlook is grounded in the anticipation of economic growth. According to Forbes, there’s no imminent recession on the horizon, providing a sturdy platform for market expansion.
  2. Rise in Profits: Analysts are echoing Forbes’ sentiment, predicting a rise in profits. This is a pivotal factor as profits often serve as the lifeblood for stock prices.
  3. FED’s Stance: The Federal Reserve (FED) appears to be an ally in this bullish scenario. Far from trying to slow the economy, the FED is contemplating interest rate cuts, aligning with the overall positive sentiment.

Historical Trends

Forbes draws on historical data, revealing that the S&P has risen an impressive 83.3% of the time in presidential election years since the mid-1920s. This starkly contrasts with the downturn witnessed in the midterm election year of 2022, reinforcing the potential for an upward market swing.

Investment Sentiment

However, amid these positive indicators, there’s a prevailing sense of skepticism among investors. Forbes invokes the age-old saying that “stocks climb walls of worry,” emphasizing that caution should be exercised even in times of optimism.

Potential Risks to Watch

  1. Monetary Crisis: A major monetary crisis is flagged as a potential risk. The scenario painted involves panic selling gripping important currencies, reminiscent of the uncertainties surrounding the Euro in 2011.
  2. Gold Prices as Indicator: Forbes points to the price of gold as a barometer of potential monetary mischief. Rising gold prices, coupled with the falling dollar against other currencies, could signal tumultuous times ahead.

Debt Levels and Global Order

The blog post doesn’t shy away from addressing concerns about unprecedented levels of peacetime debts. This debt load, carried by countries and companies, is deemed a potential kindling for a financial crisis. Additionally, the delicate balance of the U.S.-led world order since World War II is acknowledged as facing an unraveling risk.

Geopolitical Challenges

Forbes doesn’t mince words when highlighting recent U.S. actions. These actions may have inadvertently fueled perceptions of America in decline, potentially paving the way for adversaries to make bold, aggressive moves. The warning bell is sounded for the potential dangers of a military disaster if the current world order continues to erode.


In conclusion, while the current market exudes optimism, Steve Forbes advises a measured approach. Investors are urged to recognize the need to address potential monetary mismanagement and navigate the evolving geopolitical landscape cautiously.

This intricate dance between optimism and caution sets the stage for a riveting year in the financial markets. Stay informed, stay vigilant.

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