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Euro’s Surge Towards 1.10: Key Resistance Breach in Sight?

The EUR/USD pair is poised at a pivotal point, hovering near the crucial 1.0960 mark. A potential breach could set the stage for a significant rise, with analysts from Société Générale and Commerzbank weighing in on the possibilities.

Top 3 Key Points:

  1. 🔝 Potential Breakthrough: EUR/USD’s imminent challenge of the 1.0960 resistance could lead to a climb towards 1.10.
  2. 📅 December Bullishness: Historical data suggests a strong seasonal trend favoring the Euro in December.
  3. 🔍 Focus on US Data & Fed: Upcoming US economic indicators and Federal Reserve (Fed) insights could heavily influence the pair’s direction.

EUR/USD’s Critical Juncture

As of November 28, 2023, the Euro is grappling with a significant barrier against the US Dollar, as the pair tests the 1.0960 hurdle. This resistance point is critical for the Euro’s advancement towards the 1.10 mark. Société Générale’s analysts highlight the potential for month-end equity portfolio rebalancing flows to spark renewed buying interest in the EUR/USD pair, particularly as December’s seasonality trends favor the Euro. Historical data reveals an average gain of 1.1% for the Euro in the last decade during December, which could translate to approximately 1.1050 by year’s end.

Factors Influencing the Pair

The pairing’s dynamics are influenced by a multitude of factors. The combination of Chinese stimulus efforts, particularly in housing and foreign orders, along with lower oil prices, supports a higher EUR/USD trajectory. However, this outlook is contingent on US yields, where a bear steepening could reignite and impact the pair’s movement.

Conversely, the Euro has recently receded to 1.0940, with the market’s attention fixated on US Consumer Confidence data and comments from Federal Reserve officials. The performance of European stocks, which opened with generalized losses, and the tepid recovery of the USD Index in the low 103.00s, further complicate the picture.

Monetary Policy and Market Sentiments

Investors continue to ponder the likelihood of interest rate cuts by the Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB) in spring 2024. Recent improvements in Consumer Confidence in Germany and France offer some domestic support to the Euro. However, market sentiment will heavily depend on the forthcoming US Consumer Confidence report and the House Price Index, along with speeches from several Fed members.

Technical Analysis: Aiming for 1.1000

From a technical standpoint, EUR/USD’s upward momentum is currently restrained by the 1.0960-1.0965 band. The November high of 1.0965 is the immediate target for bulls, followed by the pivotal 1.1000 level. Any corrective dips might find support at the 200-day SMA at 1.0812, ensuring that the pair’s prospects remain strong as long as it stays above this key moving average.

Euro FAQs: Understanding the Context

The Euro, as the currency for 20 European Union countries, plays a pivotal role in global finance. The ECB’s monetary policy, along with Eurozone inflation data and economic indicators, significantly impacts the Euro’s value. Additionally, the Euro’s trade balance, reflecting the difference between exports and imports, is a critical factor in its valuation.

Outlook: Testing the 1.10 Mark

Antje Praefcke, an FX Analyst at Commerzbank, suggests that the market’s current focus on the Dollar and US economic data presents potential for a weaker Dollar, thereby boosting the EUR/USD pair. The upcoming PCE deflator and Consumer Confidence data could be pivotal, possibly leading the pair to test the 1.10 mark.

Fundamental and Sentiment Analysis:

  • Bullish Factors:
  • Seasonality: December historically favors the Euro, potentially leading to gains.
  • Chinese Stimulus and Oil Prices: These developments are supportive of higher EUR/USD, suggesting a positive economic environment for the Eurozone.
  • Interest Rate Perspectives: Anticipated rate cuts from the Fed and the ECB could be priced in, with market expectations of cuts in the spring of 2024 affecting the currency pair.
  • Eurozone Consumer Confidence: Marginal improvements in consumer confidence in Germany and France may provide underlying support to the Euro.
  • Bearish Factors:
  • US Economic Data: The upcoming US Consumer Confidence data and Fedspeak could influence the Dollar. A stronger-than-expected Consumer Confidence figure could temporarily boost the Dollar.
  • Market’s Dollar Focus: The market is attuned to the Dollar’s moves, particularly with regard to economic data’s impact on future Fed actions. Disappointing data may weaken the Dollar, which conversely supports EUR/USD.

Technical Analysis Update:

  • Resistance Breakthrough: A move past the 1.0960 resistance could propel EUR/USD towards 1.10. This aligns with the technical resistance levels identified in the charts.
  • Support Levels: The 200-day SMA at 1.0812 and the 55-day SMA at 1.0665 are mentioned as key supports, confirming the bullish bias as long as the price remains above these levels.

Trade Idea Details (Updated):

TRADE SIGNAL: Breakout above resistance

👉 ENTRY PRICE: A break and hourly/daily close above 1.0960 could serve as a bullish entry signal.
✅ TAKE PROFIT: Initial target at 1.1000, with a potential stretch to 1.1050 by year-end as per seasonality trends.
❌ STOP LOSS: A stop could be placed below the recent swing low, near 1.0900, to protect against any reversal in sentiment.

Additional Observations:

  • ECB’s Stance: Comments from ECB’s Joaquim Nagel about not ruling out rate hikes if inflation accelerates suggest a readiness to act, which could bolster the Euro.
  • US Consumer Confidence: A significant deviation from expectations in the upcoming Consumer Confidence report may lead to volatility and should be closely monitored.
  • Fed’s Interest Rate Path: Any hints from Fedspeak regarding the direction of interest rates could impact the Dollar and should be factored into the trading strategy.

The balance of technical, fundamental, and market sentiment factors suggests a cautiously bullish outlook for EUR/USD, targeting the 1.10 level. However, given the current geopolitical and economic landscape, any trading plan should be flexible enough to accommodate sudden changes in market conditions. Always consider risk management practices, including the use of stop-loss orders, to protect your investments.


In the complex dance of currency markets, the EUR/USD pair stands at a critical juncture. With key resistance levels in sight and a multitude of economic factors at play, the coming days could be decisive in shaping the pair’s trajectory towards the coveted 1.10 mark.