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EUR/USD Market Dynamics: Comprehensive Analysis for September 2023

As the Euro faces uncertainty, the market turns its attention to key factors, including economic data, central bank policies, and short-term technical movements. This report delves into various analyses from prominent institutions to understand the current landscape of the EUR/USD currency pair.

EUR/USD Positioning: Possibility of Long Euro Capitulation – SocGen

Why isn’t the Euro weaker? Kit Juckes, Chief Global FX Strategist at Société Générale, addresses this question, emphasizing that current positions may be propping up the Euro for the time being. Juckes foresees the possibility of long Euro positions capitulating in September if economic data and relative expectations about Fed and ECB policy do not start favoring the Euro.

Price Analysis: Critical Support Levels Holding – Technical Outlook

EUR/USD regains some footing and rebounds to the 1.0990 region as of 9 August. Initial support emerges at the monthly low of 1.0912. If losses intensify, the spot could face contention at the 55-day and 100-day SMAs at 1.0930 and 1.0924, respectively, ahead of the August low at 1.0912. A breach of this level might lead to a move to the July low of 1.0833. While a positive view remains intact above the 200-day SMA at 1.0760, risks of further retracements loom.

EUR/USD: Economic Weakness and Inflation Concerns – Commerzbank

Contrasting with the US, the Eurozone’s weakening economy puts pressure on the Euro. Economists at Commerzbank see the ECB remaining hopeful yet concerned about inflation in the region. If inflation trends positively, speculation of a rate cut might re-emerge, leaving market participants looking to next week’s GDP data for momentum.

Short-Term Prospects: The Battle to Regain 1.10 – Scotiabank

EUR/USD is showing signs of stabilization, with chart patterns indicating an attempt to develop a base. Scotiabank’s analysts suggest that gains above 1.10 would signal positivity, while a break above 1.1040/45 could support further progression towards the low/mid-1.11s. However, spot’s proximity to major support at 1.0925/30 leaves questions over near-term trends.


TRADE SIGNAL: SELL (Based on the Eurozone’s economic weakness and technical resistance levels)

👉ENTRY PRICE: 1.0990 (Current resistance level and near-term high)

✅TAKE PROFIT: 1.0912 (August low, representing a key support level)

❌STOP LOSS: 1.1040/45 (Potential bullish trigger, marking a critical resistance area)


  • Risk-Reward Ratio: 1:2
  • Position Size: It should be determined based on the trader’s risk tolerance, usually not exceeding 1-2% of the trading capital.


  • Fundamental Analysis: The Eurozone’s economy is showing signs of weakening, and there’s potential speculation about a rate cut. The uncertainty surrounding ECB policy contrasts with a relatively more robust economic outlook in the US.
  • Technical Analysis: EUR/USD is currently trading near resistance at 1.0990. The 55-day and 100-day SMAs at 1.0930 and 1.0924 provide interim support, with significant support at 1.0912. Resistance at 1.1040/45 acts as a crucial barrier.


The collective analyses paint a mixed picture for EUR/USD, with underlying economic fundamentals and technical indicators guiding market sentiment. As September approaches, traders and market strategists will closely monitor key economic data and central bank positions, balancing optimism with caution in the face of potential challenges for the Euro. Attention to these factors will likely be instrumental in shaping trading strategies and investment decisions for the EUR/USD currency pair in the coming month.