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Dr. Jordan Peterson: Their doom-and-gloom warnings were utter nonsense by Fox News

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, author, and media commentator. He began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues which have been described as conservative or right-wing.

In this interview, psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson discusses the decline of traditional values among young adults and the fallout over the far-left ‘woke’ agenda in schools nationwide. He reacts to the sentiment that 65% of voters feel America is on the wrong track, and 37% feel the country’s problems have become so severe that the nation is in danger of failing. Dr. Peterson criticizes the doom-and-gloom messages that have been propagated for over 40 years, starting with overpopulation fears and continuing with climate change concerns. He argues that these messages are used to garner power through fear and that the negative predictions have proven to be false.

Key Insights:

  1. Demoralization Through Fear: Dr. Peterson emphasizes that the campaign to demoralize people has been ongoing since the mid-60s. He links this to the Club of Rome’s overpopulation claims and subsequent doom-and-gloom predictions, which he labels as utter nonsense.
  2. Economic and Resource Perspective: Contrary to the warnings, Dr. Peterson points out that the world is richer than ever, with no shortage of resources. Commodity prices have gone down, and there were world record harvests this year.
  3. Leadership vs. Tyranny: He differentiates real leaders from wannabe tyrants by how they use fear. According to him, those who try to terrorize others into granting them power are not genuine leaders.
  4. Impact on Education and Values: The video also touches on the decline of traditional values and the influence of left-wing bias in education. This is part of a broader discussion on societal changes and the perceived negative impact on the nation.

Analytical Questions:

  • How might the propagation of doom-and-gloom messages influence trading and investment strategies, especially in commodities?
  • What are the potential economic implications of the decline in traditional values and the rise of left-wing ideologies in education?
  • How can market analysts assess the impact of societal sentiment (such as the belief that the country is on the wrong track) on various asset classes?


  • Monitor Societal Sentiments: Keep an eye on public opinions and societal trends, as they can have indirect effects on market behavior and investment climates.
  • Evaluate Commodities Market: Given Dr. Peterson‘s remarks on commodity prices and world harvests, a detailed analysis of the commodities market may reveal investment opportunities or risks.
  • Consider Geopolitical Factors: The discussion on national direction and values may have geopolitical implications that could affect global markets. Incorporate these aspects into the broader market analysis.

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