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IMF’s Vision for a Central Bank Digital Currency Platform


The IMF’s vision for a global CBDC platform aims to revolutionize the way countries conduct transactions. By advocating for interoperability and a common regulatory framework, the IMF seeks to establish a seamless digital currency ecosystem that transcends national boundaries. The widespread exploration of CBDCs by central banks reflects the growing recognition of their potential benefits, including enhanced financial inclusion and reduced remittance costs. As the world moves towards a digital future, it is imperative to establish CBDCs

Fed Chairman Powell Signals More Rate Hikes as Market Reacts to Global Central Bank Actions

Market Update - Daniel Ang The Accidental Trader Traders Academy International 4

We examined the impact of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s hawkish statements, global central bank rate hikes, economic indicators, and the performance of various asset classes. The markets responded with a mixed outlook as investors assessed the potential implications of future rate increases on economic growth and inflation. The actions of central banks worldwide, including the Bank of England’s larger-than-expected rate hike, highlighted the persistent challenges of rising inflation. Gold and oil prices experienced downward pressure due to a stronger Dollar and concerns over economic prospects. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continued its positive momentum amid the announcement of BlackRock’s BTC ETF plans.