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As a leader, have you ever had a team member approach you and share these words? “I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing?” Any ideas as to how this happens? And if it happens with one person on the team, could it happen in an entire department?

No one at work is immune to “falling into the void” created when leadership teams fail to create clear, relevant, and engaging initiatives to drive the actions of people on their teams. Annual Strategic Initiatives drive results, and when leaders, who understand how to create them, collaborate with their team in developing them, things get done.

When the people on a team have key initiatives they can follow, they carry an unmistakable understanding of the company’s vision, everyone is on-board with what is expected of them. They care about the company and how it performs. Except for when senior leadership stands in the way of letting their key department heads or leaders do their jobs.

In any organization, it’s important that we always work toward creating good leadership, and good leaders should be trusted to do the critical work necessary to help their people succeed. This would include developing key initiatives at a departmental level. If your people have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing, then it’s highly likely, there are no initiatives being assigned to drive their performance.

As a senior leader, “how do you feel about your department heads creating key initiatives on their own?” If you don’t feel good about doing this, you either have the wrong people in key positions or have failed to paint enough of an accurate picture to allow them to do their job. In either case, you create an environment where people become afraid to do anything without it first being blessed by someone above them first. This causes gridlock, paralysis, or getting stuck.

This is another example of what stunts our ability to execute strategy successfully.

We lack the ability to effectively translate our annual strategic objectives throughout the organization. As a result, people from middle to management to the frontline team don’t get the message, “they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing.”

They lack what they need to do at their level to support departmental initiatives. Initiatives that drive overall company objectives. Do you trust your leaders to lead?

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