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People who won the jackpot and lost everything

Winning the lottery is such a rare event, people say that you have a better shot at getting struck by lightning, which is already a rare event alone. So, when you win the lottery, it is definitely a rare occasion and will likely not happen again. When one buys a lottery ticket, fantasies and dreams about what one would do if they suddenly had thousands, or even millions of dollars. But truth be told, it seems that winning the lottery is more hassle than glamorous, at least for these ten people on this list. As soon as they won the lottery, it seemed it disappeared immediately. Why? Well, let’s take a look at the tragically lucky crew and find out.

For example, Willie Hurt was married with children who was loved and well respected in his community. Then, he won the lottery and got $3.1 million. But, the road to fortune was a cruel one for Willie, as he quickly descended into a lifestyle of drug use. The actions cost him his marriage as well as custody of his kids. After a messy court battle, Willie was then convicted of murdering his girlfriend, which he committed during a drug and alcohol binge. Sounds like money was the root of all evil in Willie’s case.

Jose Antonio Cua-Toc has quite a unique case since he wasn’t a citizen of the United States, which is a requirement to claim your winnings and play the lotto. Jose won $750,000 but was unable to claim his money. So he had his boss, Erik Cervantes, claim the earnings. Unfortunately for Jose, Erik kept the winnings for himself, so Jose took him to court. After paying for the court fees and punitive charges that followed through, there was little to no money left. Then we have Evelyn Adams, who defied chance and coincidence and won the lottery twice, equaling to $5.4 million dollars. She must have thought her luck was still rampant, so she went to Atlantic City to try her luck, which quickly ran out, as she lost all her money and is currently residing in a trailer park.

People have been losing out on their earnings for decades. Take Vivian Nicholson for example, whose husband won about £152,319 from a football pool. Vivian was known for spending her husband’s money like mad, even after he passed away. After his death, Vivian went into a crazy spending spree and quickly ran out of money. She became penniless and isolated from her friends and family. Speaking of spending all of your winnings in one place, 16-year old Callie Rogers won about £1.9 million pounds. She spent her money on a bunch of houses, luxury vacations, and a ton of plastic surgery to maintain her looks. Callie ended up having to move back in with her mother with her two children from a deadbeat ex.

Whether they spent it all in one place, or made a series of bad decisions, these people had the world and financial stability in the palm of their hands, before they let it slip between their fingers.

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Jose Antonio Cua-Toc: $750,000
Evelyn Adams: $5.4 MILLION
Willie Hurt: $3.1 MILLION
Vivian Nicholson: £152,319
Callie Rogers: $3 Million/ £1.9 Million
William Post: $16 Million
Denise Rossi: $1.3 MILLION
Amanda Clayton: $1 Million
Americo Lopes: $24 Million
Michael Carroll: £9.7 million

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