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How to use the Economic Calendar when Trading Forex?

This is one of the most commonly asked question by Traders. In its simple form, an economic calendar records all the key pre-scheduled economic events, data releases from different institutions including government agencies and central banks from different countries around the world. These outcomes are significant to investors, as they represent the macroeconomic health of different economies. Such developments have major impacts on markets and securities, which is why Traders like us seeks information from the economic calendar to identify what relevant news that could possibly affect their trade positions.

The Economic Calendar contains a tabulated list of many economic indicators which convey certain information about economic activities. Traders and investors utilize this information in order to analyze the economic performance of a country (which may affect it's currency valuation) as well as to predict the future direction of the price (for us traders, this fluctuation of prices is an opportunity). The economic events we are referring to are GDP (Gross Domestic Product), CPI (Consumer Price Index), and the NFP (Non-Farm Payroll report) and some other important events that eventually influence the movement of price.

One of the most significant events however are data released from Central Banks announcements that may include changes in Interest Rate. As an example, an increase in interest rates generally attracts Foreign Investors that may lead to strengthening of the country's currency.

Knowing how to read the Forex Economic Calendar properly is as important as plotting your charts in your platform to maximize your trading opportunity prior to and following the most important news releases. By regularly checking the calendar will allow you to be more familiarize with the upcoming events, that is why we have created a template that projects a possible outcome of the calendar in which ahead of time we already have a possible scenario to look for.

As a Filipino Trader, to prevent from information overload, I have customized this Economic Calendar to match our needs. I have implemented the filters needed to capture what is more relevant in our perspective. The Calendar is already set to Philippine time as well as selected Major economic events only that I believe drives prices up or down. Learning and understanding the Economic Calendar is not as simple as it looks that is why in a daily basis we try our best to learn what lies behind these data.